Monday, June 18, 2012

Big News!

These are exciting days!  We have recently been re-assigned to the Africa Middle Field.  There are a lot of logistics to work out, but what we know is that we will leave our current assignment and home in El Paso, TX at the end of August.  From there, we will head to language school to study French for a semester.  Finally, we will be moving to Africa (most likely Lubumbashi, DR Congo) in January.

Please continue to pray for us and our family through this time of transition.  God has amazing things in store for us!


  1. love your movie--We will miss seeing you around but will continue to pray for God's richest blessings on your family.

  2. We are praying for you as always. We miss you guys and know that God will continue to use you in amazing and significant ways. Grace and peace to you all. Your friends the Whetstones