Monday, September 10, 2012

That's Different: Vol 2

Street signs are something that we take for granted.  The ability to look at signs - either of warning, direction, advertisement, or seemingly random information - and understand what they mean is a sort of right of passage.  I still remember riding in the car with my parents and asking "What does that sign (billboard) say?" or "What does (random description of a sign or traffic light) mean?"  I remember how proud my sister was when she could read a sign to me or explain the foreign pictographs to me before I was able to read or understand for myself.  Today, I welcome and enjoy these same questions from my children.  That is, until now.  I am a baby again myself and am unable to interpret many of the signs that we see.  For some, we are able to use our powerful intellect do decipher the coded messages.  With others, we don't do so well.  On either occasion I find myself reciting these words, "That's Different."

Here are some of our favorites...and they aren't too hard to decode:

Something about children...yes, that's all I've got.

Hmmm...what are they growing here?

The first new word we learned...thank you red octagon!

Is this indicating a snow mobile lane,
warning us to look out for children,
or indicating that children may be riding snowmobiles?


  1. There's another one I remember seeing in had a black triangle in the middle, pointing upwards. On the right was a car heading uphill, and an "!" on the left. I took that to mean, "Look out for exclamation points on the other side of this hill!"

  2. I ran that first sign through Google translate and I'm still none the wiser! "Attention our children is perhaps the web" first guess is "Pay attention! Children might be laying in the road playing with their smart phones!"

  3. Probably won't be seeing too many of those on this side o' the pond. The first one is saying, "Watch out for (our) kids. It might be yours." I think it's talking about the child you are about to run over and not about a paternity test.