Monday, October 8, 2012

Action de grâces

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada. While we aren't roasting a turkey, eating sweet potatoes or pumpkin pie (we are saving that for November), it is the time of year to celebrate and give thanks for the fruitful harvest and many blessings in our life. 

As usual, this time of year is always filled with thinking of the many things we are thankful for. But, I think this year it really hits home. I'm thankful for the Lord's faithfulness in our call to serve Him, with our family, with language school and giving us the desires of our hearts. I'm thankful for the beauty that surrounds us this time of year. Living in the midwest and southwest has been beautiful in it's own regard, but I feel as though the beauty that is in front of us is almost too good to be true. The colors are so vibrant and radiant. I'm thankful for the reminder that this is God's creation, that we are God's creation.

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