Thursday, December 13, 2012

Super Soirée de Noël !

We attend Parole de Vie Bethel, in Sherbrooke, Quebec for French language school.  Although dozens of people every year come to PdVB for language accusation, the school's primary purpose is a one year Bible School for 17 and 18 year olds. We have had the privilege to get to know and learn from these students. Quebec is an interesting Provence of Canada. Only 1% of the population are Christians, leaving this a major mission field in desperate need of reaching people for Christ. Many of the student's who come for this year will not go on to be pastor's or missionaries (although we have done our best to share with them about those opportunites), but will be better prepared to live out their faith in a secular society. Our hearts go out to them as they prepare for their mission field.

Monday evening, these 32 students got together and held a Christmas party for all of the missionary kids (25 of them under the age of 13). 

They played games, decorated cookies, gave our children presents and then shared the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus Christ. It was so fun to watch the students practice their English with our children as we have been in this same role with French for the last 3 months. 

We were so touched at their thoughtfulness, their kindness and taking time during their last week of school to plan something for our kids. We are thankful for this time in our journey, for new friends in Quebec, for new missionary friends who will soon be in Africa as well and for encouragement and the fellowship we've encountered with other believers. 

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