Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What Adults Are Thinking, But Kids Are Asking...

By now we have come accustomed to the stares or blank looks on people’s faces as we pass by. You see all the wheels turning in their heads with questions, but most people never ask. However, there are the few…the brave…mostly kids, who ask the questions you know everyone else is wondering. Here are just a few of the questions we’ve been asked.

·     *      (To Jill) Why don’t you wear a pagne? (Many women, especially those who are married, wear      
        traditional Africa fabric as skirts called a pagne).
·      *     Are your kids twins? (Our response) No. (Kids) All white people look alike.
·     *      Why do your kids have different colored hair than you?
·      *     Where did your kids learn to speak English?
·      *     What kind of food do you eat? Can I have some?
·      *     (To Gavin) How much did you have to pay for your wife?

    And our favorite question so far:

·      *     Why are you so white? Is there no sun in the United States? 

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