Thursday, September 19, 2013

Life and All It's Glory

When Gavin and I first received our calls to missions, Gavin in 8th grade and mine in 12th grade, we could not have fathomed the “job” God had designed for us. While I believe we all have the call to, “Go, and make Disciples…” (Matt. 28:19), there are other tasks required to help fulfill the mission. Gavin has just taken on the responsibility of finances for our Field. I have begun working on a new Field website. There are days spent frequently working on things around our house (fixing toilets, trying to get the float to work properly in our water tank, trying to get the latch on our front door to close properly, manipulating the motor so water will be forced into our house, etc.) or trying to get an “expert” to fix something at our house. Every once in a while an entire morning can go by just trying to get in touch with the right people. Some day’s (especially those filled with electricity), I feel like I’m cooking all day long. I’ve always said that a Missions degree at University should include basic construction, medical, electrical and plumbing skills. 

Even though all the little jobs are just a part of life, something that has to be done, it doesn’t mean they aren’t important. We function in other aspects of ministry because the little things get done. We can’t buy supplies and build a school in a neighboring village if funds aren’t properly sent. We can’t let people know of the projects and ministries happening on our Field, the way God is working among people’s lives, unless they are told and reported on. And, maybe even through some of the less glamorous “jobs”, we can be humbled and reminded that all we do is for the Glory of God.

Yes, we get to be with brothers and sisters in Christ sharing the Word of God together, praying together and discipling believers together.  We get to help with feeding programs for Children and show the Jesus Film. Gavin has taught a class on the 10 Commandments (all in French). We have dedicated new babies to the Lord, baptized new believers and shared our Faith with those who believe differently.

It all matters. With the right heart, the right attitude and eyes focused on the One who called us to serve Him, we make a difference for the Kingdom of God.

We’re praying that God works in all the details, in all the small jobs and in all the less glamorous jobs for His Kingdom and His Glory. We know that those things are necessary to accomplish the mission and vision of the Church where we are. Equally important to those things and the exciting, fun parts of missions is the international Body of Christ. We know that if it weren’t for the support of those from other parts of the globe, the Church couldn’t do what it needs to be doing here. The Africa Middle Field and the Church in developed nations have a lot to offer one another. We’re praying that partnerships would develop and that people would be called to give of their time, experience and abilities to join what God is doing here.

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