Friday, January 22, 2016

Radio Programming!

How do we hear news? How do we listen to the latest and newest songs? The radio!

When we lived in the States, I listened to the radio all the time. In the car…in my house…at the office. I really enjoyed K-LOVE because of the Christian music they played, the small devotional thoughts that would be presented by various church leaders across the country and a variety of topics they would discuss from time to time.

As I sit here writing this article, nine of my Congolese brothers and sisters in Christ are spread throughout my house working hard and learning how to produce radio programs just like the ones I mentioned. We have the privilege this week to host Peet Voges, from World Mission Broadcast out of the Regional Office in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is training us on how to write, create, edit and produce quality programming for listeners across the DRC. From five-minute devotional thoughts, to 30-minute shows highlighting music and discussing relevant topics, our possibilities are endless in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ!

In Lubumbashi alone, we have 14 radio stations. Of those, about 5 will broadcast Christian music and messages.

We are excited to see where the Lord leads and what opportunities present themselves. Join us in prayer as we embark on this new adventure in sharing about our Savior!

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