Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Journey Continues...

Today, I am writing this post from a hotel in Big Spring, TX.  "Why Big Spring," you ask?  Because it is a fork in the road.  For us, it is the place where God has brought us and allowed us to serve him in a new way.  It is half way between our old home in El Paso (ministering in the US and Mexico) and our new home in Africa (via speaking engagements and language study).  We have officially left our old assignment behind and endeavored to journey down the path that the Lord has made before us.

Yesterday the moving company came and a flood of emotions rushed over us as everything left that we own in the world was packed into a 7x7x4 foot crate.  It is both liberating and nerve-wrecking to see all of your things fit into such a small space.  It is liberating because you know that you have so little worldly possessions to cling to.  It is nerve-wrecking because one small disaster on a truck or boat could take it all away.  Either way, the Lord hasn't failed us yet.

Today was a whole new range of emotions.  We still are not sure that our children fully understand what is in store for us as we spend the next two weeks on the road, the following four months in language school, and then finally move to Africa.  Then again, we probably aren't as well.  Here are some reflections on what we will miss the most.

So long El Paso.  So long border life; with your intricacies and peculiarities that we were only just discovering.  So long Papa Burger: home to the world's greatest hamburger.  So long Spanish; we were just becoming such close friends.  So long pugs; it's been a good seven year run. So long green chilies; and your ability to make it into any dish.  So long only home that my children have ever known.  So long amigos, hermanos, compañeros.  We will miss you deeply.

Hey there new path.  Hey there being like children again; in cultural understanding and speaking the language.  Hey there opportunities to try new things and meet new people.  Hey there French;  we're sure this will be a fruitful relationship...and long lasting.  Hey there new, exciting place that our children will one day call home...and hopefully us too.  Hey there God's faithfulness; its good to see you again...though you never really left.  Hey there call, burden, and yearning for Africa; you are about to be fulfilled!

Praise God.

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  1. so long friend, espero qtu familia sea grandemente bendecida. Oraremos por ustedes.
    Mario Valdés y fam