Friday, September 7, 2012


We've all survived our first day of school. And, although we are still unsure on the final word for Macy's school, they are letting her attend until we find out whether the Government will make us pay or not. We know God has a plan and are learning patience through it all.

We have been so lucky to meet other missionary families attending the Language school, Parole de Vie Bethel, all of whom are headed somewhere in Africa. There are a total of 11 students in our débutante (beginner) class which are part of 26 students in all attending the Language school this year. Between all the families we have almost 30 children. Yes, 30 missionary kids...all in elementary school, except one.

Gavin and I had our first French class today. While most of our class was spent making vowel sounds and learning to position our mouths just right, we also learned numbers, the alphabet and greetings. The hardest part is trying to not look at the words and pronounce them like you would in Spanish. Hopefully, at some point this semester our heads will stop spinning and we will begin to grasp this beautiful and intricate language.

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