Thursday, September 20, 2012

You Know You're A Language Student When...

We are well into our studies of the French language and sometimes the things I catch myself doing can only be summed up by the fact that I'm trying to learn something new. It's almost like when I was in band in High School and would catch myself counting my steps as I walked (for those of you who were ever in marching know what I mean).

So, to understand where we are we've complied a list of funny things we catch ourselves doing on a daily basis.

You know you're a French language student when...

*You practice your numbers as a family every time you are in the car
*You wake up in the middle of the night to catch your spouse reciting French vocabulary words in his sleep
*You get extremely excited when you understand one word in a sentence or conversation, but then you get stuck on that word and don't catch anything else being said
*Your mind blanks on how to spell simple English words
*You practice conversations in French in your head
*You stare blankly at people when they speak at a normal pace
*The thought of ordering food at a restaurant is horrifying

And finally, you know you're a French language student when the only people you want to talk to are small children who can barely speak themselves.

Our journey thus far has been amazing. God has opened a number of doors for us and we can't wait to learn more and more each day. It's a humbling experience to be new learners in a foreign language. We are so thankful for this experience!

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  1. I completely identify with your post!! But obviously in Bulgarian! I think you should add that your congratulate yourself if you go into a shop and come out with what you actually wanted!! I bought 10 eggs the other day!