Sunday, November 11, 2012

10 Years in the Making

I'm reminded, this evening, of the Lord's faithfulness.  Almost to the day ten years ago, I received my first call to Africa.  The Youth In Mission staff from the Nazarene Headquarters in Kansas City was at SNU recruiting for their summer missions trips. I don't know what particularly led me to request placement on an African team, but I followed the Lord's leading and spent two months in South Africa.    These eight weeks were an amazing time where God worked in amazing ways and planted a seed in my heart for Africa.  Jill also was applying for an African YIM team ten years ago, only the Lord had planted the burden for Africa deep in her heart a couple years earlier.  Jill would have only amazing things to say about the summer she spent in Madagascar and how God continued to confirm her call to this part of the world.

The fourth chapter of Joshua stands out to me at this point in time.  After many years of slavery and subsequent years of roaming around the desert, God brings the Israelites to the banks of the Jordan river.  Moses has passed away and God calls Joshua to step forward and lead God's people into the promised land.  There is the amazing story of how God, once again, holds back the waters and allows the Israelites to pass through on dry ground.  What strikes me in particular at this point in my life is what they do next.  God asks them to take up twelve stones from the river and to set them up on the other side as a reminder of God's faithfulness.  One person from each of the twelve tribes takes up a stone from the river and Joshua erects an altar of sorts which, according the Bible, still stands today.

2003 YIM team to South Africa (and friends)
In less than two months we will arrive in Lubumbashi, DRC.  When we get there, I'll be looking for some stones!  I don't want to forget that even though we've been ministering in other places, ultimately this is the place that the Lord promised to bring us over ten years ago.  We are humbled by God's invitation to be used for His Kingdom and we are constantly reminded of His faithfulness.  Lord, build up within me an "altar" of remembrance so that I may testify to your faithfulness.

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