Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Prayer For Our Neighbors

As we are only 6 weeks away from arriving at our new home, our hearts are heavy for our soon to be neighbors in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Today, M23 rebels took over the city of Goma as a part of their campaign to control Eastern DRC. Even though this fighting is ongoing and far from over, the city was taken peacefully today without any shots being fired.  Goma, the furthest south that M23 has advanced to date is still over 700 miles away from Lubumbashi, where we will live, with a dense jungle separating the two cities.

Please join us in prayer for all involved. Pray for those who are displaced and in fear about their uncertain future.  Pray for safety of all those involved in working for peace and offering aide to refugees.  Pray also that the Lord would intervene and help bring about peace to this area. Most importantly, pray that those who are involved with this conflict would find salvation through Jesus Christ.

Thank you for praying for the DRC!

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