Friday, February 15, 2013

Be Strong and Courageous

Our family has spent the last several months talking about Joshua and how important it is to be strong and courageous in every aspect of our lives. As Christians we have a responsibility. Once we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, we enter into a relationship where we both receive and give. 

Yesterday marked six weeks in Lubumbashi. Macy has been attending the French school for 5 weeks and seems to finally be finding her place. She went from Quebec, where Kindergarten seemed a little easier to Lubumbashi, where it is much more difficult work and in another language. We are amazed with the work she brings home. She is doing some work I don’t remember doing until 2nd grade. But, God has given her a spirit of confidence, flexibility and independence. She has been very courageous and stuck with the difficulties presented to her. We have prayed for close friends at school and today she came home telling about a couple girls in her class she was playing with. We are thankful for a God who provides.

Child Development Center in Lubumbashi, DRC

We have also had the opportunity to visit many Nazarene pastors and a few of their churches. We’ve even visited three with who have had new babies (one pastor had triplets and another twins). Through all of this, we have learned of the vast need of education and training in our churches. The District Superintendent here is the only ordained minister on the district and there are no organized churches. There are 12 missions here in Lubumbashi and a lot of work has been done, but there is still much work to be done.

We are jumping in with both feet, using as much French as we can and even some small Swahili words (and sometimes French and English together…by mistake, of course). The task ahead is great and we know (and believe) God’s plans are even greater. With thankful hearts we couldn’t be happier to help further the church not just in Lubumbashi, but also across the Africa Middle Field. With God’s help, we can be like Joshua and have confidence to be strong and courageous. 

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