Saturday, March 23, 2013

Small Blessings

It’s the small things we take for granted that the Lord uses in spite of us.

We have had so many boxes and tons of paper left from unpacking our crate from the U.S. Some young boys asked if they could take some boxes and paper to fix the roof at their house. We gladly let them take as much as they wanted.

Gavin has befriended a couple of the men who guard our neighbor’s houses. One guard, Lawrence, has mentioned he would love to try mazungu (white person) food. Thursday night we had electricity, so I made a rice casserole. While we were eating Gavin and I thought we should have Lawrence try it. It’s not too different from what he is used to eating, but still different enough. Gavin found Lawrence and he was very excited to try our dinner. After he had eaten he told Gavin, “I don’t know what made you think to share dinner with me tonight but I am thankful. I have not eaten all day and I was very hungry.” It was the Lord using us to take care of one of His children.

Since our arrival, many Congolese have blessed us as well. From one Nazarene pastor helping us get our Congolese driver’s license and Laissez-Passez (which will hopefully lessen the times we get stopped by the police) to the District Superintendent helping us find furniture for our house and stores for food. I only pray we can offer that small blessing onto others. We count ourselves fortunate and thankful and hope to stay close enough to the heart of God to continue to be used by Him in whatever way He needs us.

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