Monday, May 27, 2013

PLNU Loveworks Team

The team after a hard day working
on the school in Katwatwa.

For the past three weeks we’ve been delighted to host a LoveWorks team of 11 college age students and two leaders from PointLoma Nazarene University in Lubumbashi. They have done everything from help lay bricks at the school in Katwatwa to sharing their testimonies and preaching, playing with children, participating in a youth forum and ministering through songs. During their visit we also held a baptism service, where four of the 29 baptized came to Christ through the team’s ministry. Even our kids, Macy and Connor, became very close to the team who made up special handshakes and included them in their day-to-day ventures. As a last gift the team purchased three sewing machines for the women’s council as they begin using them to make clothing for others. Their hope is to begin a business that will help them minister to other women and provide a service for those in need. The team has been a true example of Christ’s love to many people here and their ministry and selfless giving will not be forgotten.

The team with their gifts and many
new friends.

At one church where the team was doing a children’s program, the church came together and gave the team a live chicken and a bag of potatoes as a gift of thanks. It was enjoyable to watch the team carry the chicken back to the District Superintendent’s house in a taxi with 28 people. They won’t forget that day!

4 team members serving lunch to
children after a Sunday service.
Having worked with college students through Youth In Mission for 7 years before now, it was such a joy to work with this group. We miss young university students who are on fire for the Lord and so ready to serve Him where He needs them most. The youth from here were encouraged and are excited to serve the Lord with the same enthusiasm they saw demonstrated by the team.

All in all, it was nice to have a bit of “home” through these students and be encouraged by their ministry and endless acts of kindness. May God receive all the glory by what has been accomplished in His name over the last three weeks. We will continue on with the work of the Lord and look forward to what’s in store next. 

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