Monday, September 30, 2013

Sharing The Journey!

One of the amazing things about the Church of the Nazarene, along with a great list of others, is that missionaries across the world are truly supported and cared for. One of those ways is through L.I.N.K.S. Every missionary is paired with a district, and then within that district a few churches, that focuses on encouraging them through prayer, sending thoughtful correspondence through emails and sometimes we even receive small gifts in the mail. Churches are able to connect with what God is doing in that area of the world through the missionaries. It’s a beautiful reminder that missions involves everyone. 

Yesterday, we had the great opportunity to connect with one of our L.I.N.K.S churches, in San Angelo, TX via Skype. It was an amazing time of sharing what God is doing in the DRC with their Sunday morning congregation. We praise the Lord that we had electricity the entire time and our connection was one of the best we’ve experienced since being here. What a fun and special time!

We want to thank the San Angelo First Church of the Nazarene for meeting with us during your Sunday morning worship! We give God all the glory and all the praise for what He is accomplishing across the world.

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