Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Empowering Women In Africa

Being a woman in the DRC (and other countries in Middle Africa) can be hard. Most families live on around $100 a month. Many women don’t have the opportunity to complete their education because they leave school early in order to help earn money for their family. If they do work, they still have to cook, clean and take care of their families; most of which have at least 8 children.  In parts of the Congo where war has plagued the land, it is the women who have, in many respects, suffered the most.  Even in many churches, women are often not allowed the opportunity to speak or hold leadership.  Indeed, being a woman in the DRC can be hard. 

In the Church of the Nazarene, women are given the opportunity to be pastors. Women are recognized, go through proper education and are given charge over a congregation because the Church of the Nazarene equips all those called by God to serve as pastors. This March the Africa Region is holding it’s first annual Women’s Clergy Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. We would love to give as many women as possible from the Middle Field the opportunity to attend this most important gathering.  Our hope is that these pastors would not only receive encouragement from other women clergy, but would also benefit from further education through learning and discussing important topics that arise as a woman in leadership…in Africa.

Unfortunately, our pastors can’t do this alone. We need your help. Would you join us in prayer and financial support? Most women from our Africa Middle Field will need to raise around $1,000US to attend this conference. Our goal is to send 15 women clergy as representatives from our Field, which we must present by the 31st of December. The Church of the Nazarene believes that women have a part to play, a voice to be heard, and a place to belong.  As you think about and pray for ways to give over the Christmas season would you consider assisting a woman from the Africa Middle Field to attend the Africa Region Women’s Clergy Conference?

Women's ministry group from DRC

*Contact me at for more information or the best way to donate.

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