Tuesday, January 27, 2015

That's Different...

Wow. It’s been a long time since we’ve written about life. You could say we’ve been busy since we arrived in the States for our 3-month stay. We’ve spoken in 14 churches since the beginning of December, seen wonderful friends, enjoyed worship services in English, spent precious time with our families and met new and hospitable friends along the way. Yesterday, we calculated we’ve driven over 5,000 miles so far and are half way to raising enough funds for a new 4 wheel drive vehicle in Congo.

Upon our arrival back in the States, jet-lagged for the first week and consuming every delicious bit of food we had missed, letting our eyes readjust to our surroundings, we made note of a few things that seemed different since our departure 2 years ago.

*Everyone speaks English. We can say what we mean and be understood easily…all
the time.
*Ripped US bills don’t matter. Even today, we catch ourselves checking our bills and
then reminding ourselves stores will take bills of any year. In Congo, we use
US dollars, but they must not be older than 2009 or have any rips in them.
*It's cold. We forgot what real cold felt like. 
*Napkins are in every restaurant and easily available.
*Everything is bigger; trucks, food portions, drink portions, parking spaces, stores
and roads.
*Gas is CHEAP! We pay around $7.30 per gallon in the DRC.
*Every toilet is different. About a week after we arrived, Macy was a bit upset in a
restaurant bathroom because she couldn’t figure out how to flush the toilet.
(Some self flush, some have a button on the back wall, some have a
handle on the side)
*No one uses his or her horn while driving. Gavin had to remember this a few times.
*Cars are dirty in the States. In Congo, even though the roads are mostly dirt, you
can receive a fine for having a dirty car in town.
*Connor was excited that we get to use coins.
*When Connor first walked into Jill’s parents house he said, “Look, they have a rug
everywhere!” (Most homes have concrete or tile floors in Congo)

With a month and a half left, we are excited for the next 23 churches we get to share with. God has been faithful, provided for us in every way imaginable and blessed us beyond measure.

It’s been nice to be home…away from home.

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