Friday, March 11, 2016

And now you know....the rest of the Story

This post is really the completion of a post from June of 2014.  As I'm writing this, I can't believe that it has taken nearly two years to be able to say that the School in Kafubu is now finished.  IT IS FINISHED!  I remember riding in the car with my mom as she listened to Paul Harvey, and having to be totally silent so that she could hear the infamous "rest of the story."  For me, I was always confused because I never seemed to get to hear the first part of the narrative.  I don't want you to feel this way, so you can find the first part here - A small village called Kafubu.

What the previous post won't tell you is that Rev. Aimé has suffered quite a bit since his obedience led him to start a school in Kafubu.  An angry mob destroyed the first church they built in the village, which doubled as a two room school house for only three weeks before it was destroyed.  You also wouldn't have read that Aimé (whose name means loved) was thrown in jail for more than a week, and only given water to sustain him, before the church members were able to get him out.  You most certainly wouldn't have read that once the village finally accepted him as a pastor and a servant of the Lord, he built a second church which was destroyed after heavy rains.

If it were me, I would most likely have given up long ago.  But I'm thankful for servants and pastors like Rev. Aimé (recently ordained in March 2015) who remind me that once God gives a vision, he will see it through to the end.  Eventually a church was built and stands to this day.  In the original location, they were able to start the school with the arrival of a Work and Witness team from Point Loma in July of 2014 and the Congo Jam event (first part of the story).  They struggled again with land disputes and getting official documents, but the Lord was faithful and the financing came in from various partners who were also touched by God's vision for Kafubu.  Today, the school is teaching the adults, who never got a chance to go to school, how to read. In September it will begin teaching children from grades 1 - 8.  Below are the pictures of the school in Kafubu; they serve as testaments to the Lord's faithfulness.  And now you know...the rest of the story.

Rev. Aimé and his wife Hélene

Four large classrooms and an office

The "road" that kids currently take to town.  Nearest school 10 miles round trip.

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