Saturday, May 21, 2016

Guest post by Macy

One day as I was writing a blog, Macy curiously asked what I was doing. As I explained what a blog is and what we write about, Macy asked if she could write one. I happily obliged. So, here you have thoughts about life from our eight year old daughter. 

Coucou. This is Macy. In French, this is a common greeting that friends say to each other.

I want to tell you what life is like for me in the Congo. I take horse-riding lessons. I go to a French school and learn science, math, French vocabulary, how to write in cursive (which is different than the way my mom and dad learned it), grammar and French history (which is my favorite subject). We also get to watch a movie about the world.

I have four dogs and their names are: Nala, Samson, Bowser and Jupiter. We have four dogs because we want to be well protected and also to give them a good home.

In Congo, if someone wants to sell bananas, cucumbers, tomatoes or carrots, they carry them in a bucket that is put on top of their head. Do you know how they keep the bucket on their head? I do. They put a little cloth under the bucket before they put the bucket on.  Which, I think is the answer.

My best friends at school are Mélanie, Maéva, Jessica and Ève. We play robbers and police; freeze tag and a ninja game at our recess. We don’t have playgrounds at school, so we have to make up our own games. Every Wednesday, I have personal aide for vocabulary and grammar. My teacher’s name is Patricia and she is very kind. The first day I went to school for Kindergarten, I was a little nervous because I didn’t know that much French. But, now, I’m in 3rd grade and understand almost everything in French (except for a few words).

We live in Congo because we want to teach more people about God. We do this by teaching stories from the Bible, like how Jesus’ parents were Mary and Joseph. We talk about how Jesus died on the cross for our sins. On Easter, He rose from the dead. Jesus sacrificed for all of us, not just one or two people…so, that’s why we want to share about God’s love and what he did for us.

I like life here, I really do. If you ever want to come and visit, you are sure welcome. But, only one at a time, because we only have one guest room. J

One last thing, I want to teach you how to say something in French. Moi, j’aime Jésus (Me, I love Jesus).

À toute a l’heure mes amis (See you soon my friends)! 


  1. Bonjour Macy!
    What a wonderful writer you are. Thank you for sharing about life in the Congo from your eyes. I enjoyed learning more about you! I hope the Lord allows me the opportunity to come back and visit.
    Every blessing,

  2. Thanks for the updates, Macy! Give Nala and Samson a hug for me :)