Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mother's Day Quiz

In honor of Mother's Day, I asked the kids some questions regarding me and Moms in general. Some answers I'm still questioning, and others made my heart happy to hear. It was fun doing this with the kids. Connor is 6 years old and Macy is 8 years old. Love these two amazing gifts from God! Enjoy!

What is a mom?
Connor: It’s someone that takes care of you and feeds you and someone that protects you and loves you. And, someone that is nice and sings you songs before bed.
Macy: A Mom is someone who loves you, who cares for you and who no matter how many times you mess up she tries to help you.

What does a mom do?
Connor: A Mom works, a mom is pregnant and Mom’s pick up their kids from school. Mom’s are in charge.
Macy: A mom always makes sure that their children get extra hugs and kisses each and every day.

What is something that Mom’s always say?
Connor: I love you!
Macy: I love you!

What makes your Mom happy?
Connor: Not fighting with Macy.
Macy: When I tell her jokes or color really nice pictures.

What makes your Mom sad?
Connor: When I fight with Macy.
Macy: When I get in trouble.

If your Mom became famous, what would it be for?
Connor: For being on stage.
Macy: For being a famous baker and making soups.

How old is your Mom?
Connor: 33
Macy: 33

What does your Mom do when you aren’t around?
Connor: Work
Macy: Work on her computer and do laundry.

What is your Mom’s job?
Connor:  Cleans stuff, works on her computer, picks up dog poop
Macy: Writing messages to people around the world

How are you the same as your Mom?
Connor: That she always has a secret to tell me, but I know it. It’s always that she is going to tell me, “I love you.” And, I do the same to her.
Macy: We think alike.

How are you different?
Connor: We aren’t the same age.
Macy: We have different colored hair and skin color. You also wear glasses and I don’t.

How do you know your Mom loves you?
Connor: Because she always tell me.  
Macy: Cause she tells me everyday.

What is the most important thing your Mom has taught you?
Connor: If someone robs me, I have to scream and she will hear me and save me.  But, if the robber gets me before she hears me scream, I can bite him or kick him or I can lick him. Or, I’ll just call my dogs.

Macy: That I am loved by God.

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