Sunday, May 15, 2016

What's In A Name?

For the Congolese, naming your child is important. It is an honor and a privilege to name your child after a guest or visitor, a prominent family member, a mentor or someone from the Bible. In the DRC, there are now two Jillian Elizabeth’s, one Gavin Fothergill and one Macy Paige.

Our family has become close with the pastors across the DRC, but especially those in Lubumbashi because that is where we live. Rev. Aimé, who lives in the village of Kafubu, right outside of Lubumbashi, informed us in March that his wife was going to have a baby. He further explained that if she gave birth to a boy they wanted to him after Gavin’s father, Don, who passed away last November. Not knowing what the gender of their child would be, they didn’t make any promises, but wanted to let us know this was their desire.

On April 19, we were more than thrilled when we heard that Rev. Aimé and his wife gave birth to healthy baby boy, named Don Fothergill Nawej. Today was the first day we were able to visit the family. This sweet and humble family that is a true servant in their community thought enough of our family and Gavin’s dad, Don, who visited back in February of 2014, to honor us in a priceless way.

April 19, 2016 will now be remembered as a very special day to our family and easily remembered. Gavin’s dad, Don was born May 19, 1938 and passed away November 19, 2015.

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