Saturday, August 20, 2016

Home Assignment 2016

Home Assignment. Furlough. Deputation. It goes by many names. Whatever you call this time back in your home country after spending multiple months away to raise funds, make new partnerships, catch up with old friends and share about the ways God is moving around the world, I imagine most missionaries will tell you it is loved and not so loved. It is loved because of the time meeting new people. It is loved because we get to share the ways in which we see God moving “over there”. It is loved because we get to see old friends and family. It is loved because we get to enjoy some of our favorite things we may not have access to otherwise. On the other hand, it is not loved because frankly, we live out of a suitcase (and our car) for 2, 3 or even 6 months. It is not loved because we gain weight (if you are a missionary reading this and have a secret, please let us know). It is not loved because we find ourselves in a world of; this is home, but not home scenario.  

Since June, our family has spoken in 5 States and driven over 7,000 miles across many more. We’ve seen vast and different terrain across the United States. We’ve met great new partners with Northeastern and Midwest accents. Do you know what a dooryard is? We learned the correct way to pronounce Nevada (hint: the first “a” is pronounced long, as in dad). Our kids have learned to swim. Macy participated in children’s church camp for the first time. We’ve spent precious time with our families. We’ve shared about our farming initiatives and met many farmers who shared their wealth of experience with great advice. We’ve seen old ministry partners and joined in conversations with others around the world about the future of reaching our cities. We’ve seen friends from college and reconnected like years hadn’t separated our time together. We stayed at a ranch in Texas, run by retired missionaries who served in the DR Congo for 2 separate terms (and despite the already discounted rate for missionaries, refused to let us pay for our time staying in a cabin). We’ve been provided countless meals, gas, offerings, prayers and amazing conversations.

God is great. God is vast. God is everywhere and in everything. We thank Him for his protection, His provision and His people. May we continue to share the ways in which God is moving around us with each other. Through these times, we see what an incredible journey we are on…being His workers in His fields to further His Kingdom.

The Grand Canyon

The kids visiting my Mom at work.

Macy and cousin Lennox at Mid-Atlantic District Family Camp.

Connor and his new group of friends at Mid-Atlantic District Family Camp

Ready for our 4th of July celebration with lots of fireworks

Macy loves swimming

Gavin, Connor and I enjoying a picnic after a long drive in the car

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