Sunday, December 10, 2017

Finding Your Peace

I think about peace differently than I used to. Before moving to Congo, peace was about finding time in the busy hustle and bustle of life to spend time with family and friends.  Peace was about not being so preoccupied with life that I couldn't enjoy it.  Peace also had a bit to do with contentment and realizing that in Christ, not consumerism, I'd have all that I need.  Having lived in Congo for just under five years now, peace has a different meaning.  For people here, peace is an absence of war and violence.  Peace is not having to frantically sell everything you own to pay a hospital bill so that a family member can receive life-saving care.  Peace is not being afraid of your government and what will happen if you speak too loudly when you express your displeasure with your leaders. 

Even though peace means different things to different people, the truth remains that Christ alone can bring true peace.  In this time of uncertainty or business, worry or restlessness, we are all called to come to Christ as he calls us and proclaims, "you will find rest for your souls." (Mt. 11:29).  Upon visiting a school this weak, one young man proclaimed, "I need peace so that I can go to school." This is true in a place where insecurity causes schools to close for long periods at a time.  This is true in a place where families could never hope to send all their children to school.  For this young man, Christ's peace allows him to have an education.  In what ways do you need the peace (rest) of Christ this advent season?   

Greetings from the village of Kafubu, DR Congo.

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