Monday, December 4, 2017

Putting Hope In It's Place

Hope is a common theme for Christians this time of year.  My dad, having passed away just over two years ago, is especially on my mind during this time.  When doctors told him that he had no more than a month to live, after no previous sign of illness, you can be sure that his hope wavered.  Two weeks later, after finally making my way back to visit from Congo, we first met up at a local San Antonio restaurant.  Taking no heed of the fact that we were in a public place, my father wept openly as he hugged my neck.  Days later, he confided in me that he thought he would never see me again, and his hope being restored, was now ready to face the hereafter. 

Today in Congo, you might say that people's hope is wavering.  Political uncertainty, economic instability and insecurity due to various rebel groups operating throughout the country have people doubting that God cares for them.  Rogue Christian doctrine tells them that they can control their outcome through witchcraft and that they should put their trust in prophecies for their future.  Amidst these odds, we stand firm and proclaim that our hope is in Christ alone.  We preach the Good News of the Gospel, that as Jesus first came to a world that desperately needed Him, he comes anew to us today.  Our hope stands firm in Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, as we wait in anticipation of celebrating his birth and our rebirth as people of HOPE.

Below is a short video greeting from Bethsaida Church of the Nazarene in Lubumbashi, DRC.

Grace, Peace, and Hope to you in this season.

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