Wednesday, January 3, 2018

5 Years In Congo

Today is the 5th Anniversary of arriving in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In honor of our anniversary, I’ve asked the kids a few questions:

What do you like most about Congo?
Macy: I like my school; I like speaking two languages, the singing and dancing in church and the bright, beautiful fabric that women wear.
Connor: I like that I have friends. I like church because of the singing. I like that people can be helpful.

What are some of your favorite memories?
Macy: My favorite memories include learning French, being baptized and making all kinds of new friends.
Connor: My favorite memory is going to school for the first time and meeting my best friend Agneau. I was so nervous, but he helped me so much. We’ve been best friends since then. My other favorite memory is the first time I ate a fish eyeball. It tasted good.

When we are away from Congo, what do you miss most?
Macy: When we go to the United States, I miss the singing and dancing in Congo. I miss not being able to walk barefoot outside. I miss our 4 dogs.
Connor: I miss our dogs and my friends.

What are some of your favorite words in French?
Macy: coquillage (seashell), mouche (fly), beurre (butter) and chou chou (a term of endearment i.e. darling)
Connor: bonjour (hello), je t’aime (I love you) and ami (friend)

What is your favorite Congolese food?
Macy: fish
Connor: fish and chicken

This has been an adventure for our family and we wouldn’t trade any of the joys or trials. As I think about 5 years ago today, stepping off our plane and taking in the sights of our new home, we had no idea what to expect. From our first night sleeping on mattresses on the floor under mosquito nets and relying heavily on our church members here for buying food and learning new customs to learning how to take bucket baths, drive on pot-hole filled muddy roads, dealing with inconsistent electricity and days without water, it’s been a lesson in humility and relying on the Lord and the community around us. Today, we live in a home with solar panels and a generator and have a well that provides unlimited water. We feel spoiled! We’ve watched children grow into teens, youth grow into adults and pastors trained and ordained. It’s where we call home. We love Congo and her people. We love the hospitality and commitment to community and helping your neighbor. We love the singing and dancing and vibrant worship. We’ve come to call our Nazarene church members family. Unfortunately, on the other side of that coin, we do miss being close to our families and the way we celebrate certain holidays in the US. We’ve not enjoyed getting malaria or hassled by police. But, through it all, we’ve been stretched, learned more about God and seen Him move in ways that can only explain His love for His creation.

We pray the Lord continues to use us, mold us and watch over us through the years to come! It’s been an honor and a privilege serving God in Africa! 
Our first Sunday, meeting many new friends!

Our first ice cream cones...that made us all sick. We learned our lesson on street ice cream!

Macy and Macy: In February Macy (left) turns 5. 

So blessed for serve God in Africa these last 5 years!

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