Friday, May 4, 2018

A Different Kind of Year

This has been a different year for our family. Unfortunately, this has resulted in less writing for the blog. From homeschooling Connor and switching our kids to English education from French education to Gavin’s travel schedule to our ministry responsibilities, we’ve found ourselves in a different place. Here’s a bit of what’s been going on.

All the books Connor (and I) have read this year
After doing a lot of research online and talking with friends who homeschool their children, we landed on a curriculum called Sonlight to homeschool Connor in 3rd grade. It worked great because everything was outlined for me, the teacher, and all the school subjects and materials are provided (including Science projects). Really, it was the best deal for my need for organization and first time homeschooling. Connor has excelled and we are thankful we made the right decision. We’ve taken a journey through early American History, learned about the ways of life for Native Americans and the unfortunate circumstances surrounding their migration through the “New World”. We’ve gotten a small glimpse into astronomy and how early sailors navigated the seas to import and export goods (and how they steered clear of French and British ships they came across at different times due to rivalries and disputes of the time). We’ve been taken back in time to see how early settlers lived, ate, made livings and traveled. Connor and I have really enjoyed our time together. What started out as a bit of a rough start (realizing Connor is an auditory learner instead of a visual learner like me), ended in a successful 3rd grade year! We have three weeks left and couldn’t be more excited. 

Central Africa Literature/Translation Team
As Gavin’s responsibilities as Field Strategy Coordinator grew, so did his need to travel and visit our leaders and be a part of important trainings and meetings. He has been part of an ordination service, where 21 ministers across our Field were ordained. He’s taken part in meetings concerning missionaries, a theological conference and training for leaders across the field learning the best ways to translate materials for our people and work towards being better disciples. The main languages of translation focus for this year will be Swahili/Congo and Lingala. We are excited for the materials that will come for people to read in their heart language. We’re also excited to see what comes of the discipleship training other leaders went through to take back and share with their districts. Our Field is growing and people are coming to know the Lord, but we want to be intentional about discipleship and coming alongside believers, teaching them and training them to go out and be disciples, also.

Leaders taking a Discipleship Training Course
Our ministry responsibilities have always been spread across our whole Field. Communication with District Superintendents and Field leaders has been vital and proven to be more of what we aim to accomplish. Gavin oversees the work of the Church across 4 countries, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Gabon and Cameroon, but most of our churches lie within the Democratic Republic of Congo. As we look to the future and making Christ-like disciples in the nations, we see the need to move to a capital city more centrally located between these four countries. So, in June our family will move to Brazzaville, Republic of Congo before heading back for Home Assignment. We’ll make a quick settlement and return in August after Home Assignment in the US.

The Lord has been, is and will continue to be with us. We’ve seen His hand move and look forward to all that lies ahead for His Kingdom to advance in Central Africa!

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